With a New Rhode Skin Care Product Launch, Hailey Bieber Tells Vogue Glazed-Donut Skin Is Still In

“I want skin that looks like you want to take a bite out of it. That’s just me, though!” Hailey Bieber says with a laugh. “Who doesn’t want fresh, dewy, glowy skin? Hydration never goes out of style.” 

Bieber is on to something. Per TikTok, she’s inspired legions of girls to fall asleep with their skin slathered in hydrators, “glazed like a donut,” and it was just a year ago that she debuted Rhode, her line of skin essentials centered around hydration, plumping, and overall skin health. Her oft sold-out moisturizer, serum, and lip treatment have already climbed to cult-favorite status and now she’s debuting what she calls her “essential prep step”: the Rhode Glazing Milk.

Photo: Zhong Lin

Think of this as a hydrating toner-meets-essence. “What I really like about it, honestly, is that I wanted something that was really lightweight, [and] kind of felt like this bath—or soak—for the skin,” Bieber exclusively tells Vogue. She chose its milky texture to create an “immersive experience” that “effortlessly melts into the skin.” Hydration and skin barrier health were the qualities Bieber had in mind—something that would even be suitable for her sensitive, dehydrated skin. 

The model and entrepreneur also knew the Glazing Milk needed thoughtful ingredients at its core. You won’t find the peptides that were infused into Rhode’s inaugural, buzziest products—instead it features ceramides. “The first of our key ingredients is our Ceramide Trio, which acts as a skin-identical lipid concentrate that preps the skin to better absorb all our products, and to help restore and boost a fragile moisture barrier,” she explains. Beta-glucan, along with a magnesium, zinc, and copper blend, are infused too—adding free radical protection and skin-soothing benefits. The result? A fresh, glowing complexion. “As soon as you put it on, I want you to see the hydration, the glow, and the ingredients working from the first application.” 

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