What’s the ‘longevity’ diet, and will it really make you live longer?

You could have heard about the longevity diet regime, and its promise of an extended everyday living span — but what accurately is it and is it any distinctive to other diet plans endorsing fantastic well being?

The longevity diet program is a set of consuming tips compiled by a biochemist known as Valter Longo, director of the University of Southern California’s Longevity Institute. He is regarded for his exploration on the job of fasting, the results of vitamins on your genes and how these may perhaps effects ageing and the risk of ailments.

Although the longevity diet plan has been targeted to older grown ups, it is also encouraged for more youthful persons. Longo has explained he designs to live to 120 by subsequent this diet program.

So, what does the diet glance like?

Foodstuff in this food plan are vegetables, together with leafy greens, fruit, nuts, beans, olive oil, and seafood which is low in mercury.

So most foods in the longevity diet are plant primarily based. Plant-primarily based diets are commonly greater in natural vitamins and minerals, dietary fibre, antioxidants and lower in saturated body fat and salt, which direct to health rewards.

Food items that are discouraged are an excess of meat and dairy, and individuals higher in processed sugar and saturated fat.

For people who never want to go devoid of dairy, the longevity diet program recommends switching from cow’s milk to either goat’s or sheep’s milk, which have a a little different nutrient profile. But there is small proof sheep’s and goat’s milk present far more health advantages.

Together with fermented dairy (this kind of as cheese and yoghurt) in your food plan, as encouraged in the longevity food plan, is useful as it gives a more considerable microbiome (very good micro organism) than any milk.

A woman with blue nail polish picks up a pink iced donut from a box of several donuts
The diet suggests men and women maintain a healthier bodyweight, most likely by reduce snacking, especially of foods substantial in saturated fat, salt or sugar.(Pexels: Andres Ayrton)

Have you noticed this eating plan just before?

Quite a few of you might recognise this as a common dietary sample. It is similar to the Mediterranean diet plan, specifically as both equally feature olive oil as the oil of option. The Mediterranean diet is promoted and backed by a considerable system of evidence to be health endorsing, minimizing the threat of sickness, and promoting longevity.

The longevity diet regime is also related to several national, proof-centered nutritional suggestions, including Australia’s.

Two-thirds of the recommended foodstuff in the Australian dietary suggestions come from plant-primarily based meals (cereals, grains, legumes, beans, fruits, veggies). The rules also give plant-centered solutions for protein (this kind of as dried beans, lentils and tofu) and dairy (these as soy-primarily based milks, yoghurts and cheeses, so long as they are supplemented with calcium).

Intermittent fasting

Yet another aspect of the longevity diet regime is the specified periods of fasting, acknowledged as intermittent fasting. The food plan advocates having in a 12-hour time-frame, and not ingesting for three to four several hours before mattress time.

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