Weight Loss Tips| 3 Healthy Habits That are Essential For Permanent Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tips: People often undergo a massive weight loss but not many are able to sustain it for long. Gradually, they put on some of their weight back. So, what should one do to maintain the weight and stay away from extra fat? Nutritionist Azra Khan says Consistency and discipline are the keys.Also Read – Malaika Arora to Bharti Singh, B-Town Celebs Who Have Shed Kilos With Intermittent Fasting

The nutritionist took to Instagram to explain in a video why people need to build healthy habits to maintain their weight. She listed three healthy habits one must follow to continue to be at their ideal weight, and it includes clean eating and exercising 4 days a week. Also Read – 10 Minute Full Body Home Workout Video: Follow This Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

“Weight loss is important but not gaining the lost weight is more important. That is why always make sure that the things you do to lose the weight are practical and sustainable,” Azra said. Also Read – Weight Loss Hacks: Try These Natural Remedies to Lose Weight Sustainably

Azra wrote in the caption, “Focus on building habits not reaching a number on the weighing scale because if you do take shortcuts and do crash dieting to lose weight the number will never sustain.”

She listed three healthy habits essential for permanent weight loss:

  • Be physically more active

Make sure you take 7k to 8k steps every day which will help you stay in shape

  • There is no compensation to workout

Make a routine for yourself and workout 4 days a week to keep your body and health in check

  • Abs are made in the kitchen and I as a nutritionist am telling you that it’s true

Have a balance of healthy eating and junk

She concluded by saying, “80% of the time eat clean healthy and 20% eat what you think is junk and you will be fine
These are habits I developed over a period of time so if it takes you time it’s totally okay but start working on it today.”

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