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By Kire Stojkovski M.D [email protected]

Kire Stojkovski is a practicing medical doctor whose work has been published in some of the most respected medical journals.

Human growth hormone (HGH) levels typically decline as you grow older. Aging also affects some aspects of physical health. It could make it harder for you to maintain your muscle mass, bone strength, and overall connective tissue quality, matter how hard you work out.

The good news is that the best HGH supplements can stimulate your body’s natural HGH production to restore your youthful fitness levels. We reviewed the top HGH boosters and explored their benefits, dosage, potential side effects, and pricing.

Find out why our #1 choice among the best HGH supplements is Brutal Force HBULK, thanks to its scientifically backed ingredients with multiple methods of action.

Best HGH Supplements

The best HGH supplements can trigger your body to release more growth hormones through clinically backed ingredients. Other potential benefits include improved energy, better motivation, antioxidant support, and enhanced production of other hormones like testosterone.

Keep reading to learn how the top-rated HGH supplements stack up against each other.

1. Brutal Force HBULK – Best HGH Supplements Overall



  • Include arginine for HGH production and cardiovascular support
  • Contains antioxidant-rich hawthorn berries
  • Comes with mucuna for enhanced dopamine and HGH
  • 100-day money-back guarantee


  • Less potent but safer than HGH injections


Brutal Force HBULK takes the top spot among the best HGH supplements overall because of its benefits for growth hormone production and cardio fitness.

Who Is Brutal Force HBULK Best For?

Brutal Force HBULK is one of the best HGH supplements for everyone who wants to boost their strength and cardio fitness.

One ingredient in Brutal Force HBULK is velvet bean, or Mucuna pruriens. This herbal remedy contains L-dopa, the precursor to dopamine. L-dopa increases HGH production to boost motivation, improve muscle growth, and promote connective tissue repair [1].

Brutal Force HBULK also contains maca root, an adaptogen that improves your stress resilience through balancing hormones.

Research involving post-menopausal women shows that maca can raise estrogen levels while lowering cortisol, the main stress hormone. Estrogen has protective effects on your connective tissue, but cortisol breaks down tissue proteins [2].

Who Should Avoid Brutal Force HBULK?

While Brutal Force HBULK is generally safe, you are unlikely to benefit from this supplement for HGH if you have a medical condition that requires HGH injections.


Simply take one capsule of Brutal Force HBULK 20 minutes before breakfast.


Brutal Force HBULK costs $59.99 for one month’s supply. You can also take advantage of a buy two, get one free offer for $119.98.


Brutal Force HBULK is our top pick among the best HGH supplements because it provides holistic hormonal support. It also has other health benefits, including muscle gains, connective tissue recovery, and reduced stress. Overall, HBULK offers great value for money with a lengthy money-back guarantee period.

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2. CrazyBulk Growth Hormone Stack – Best HGH Stack



  • Combines several HGH supplements for comprehensive support
  • Promotes muscle growth, fat loss, and testosterone enhancement
  • Save 20% compared to purchasing each product individually


  • More expensive than similar products
  • Five supplements may be inconvenient to take


CrazyBulk’s Growth Hormone Stack is the best HGH-boosting stack we could find. Its five products aim to increase growth hormone, testosterone, muscle mass, and fat loss.

Who Is CrazyBulk Growth Hormone Stack Best For?

Consider CrazyBulk Growth Hormone if you plan to do a total health overhaul and want extensive support. It’s also safer than HGH injections, as its key ingredients may only boost growth hormone production during exercise [3].

The stack includes HGH-X2, a supplement for HGH that contains amino acids such as arginine and ornithine. Research on trained athletes suggests that these can significantly increase growth hormone after exercise but not at rest. The combination of arginine and ornithine may raise growth hormone by about 50% compared to strength training alone [3].

Testo-Max, another product in the stack, includes Korean ginseng among other ingredients. Men with metabolic syndrome showed a significant rise in the number of mitochondria, the energy-producing parts of your cells. Additionally, their testosterone levels rose too, supporting the actions of growth hormone [4].

Who Should Avoid CrazyBulk Growth Hormone Stack?

This stack is not advisable if you have a liver condition. Your liver must process both the medications and supplements you take, and the Growth Hormone Stack requires taking several HGH supplements daily.


Take the recommended dose of each supplement every day with water at the advised times:

  • Three capsules of D-Bal, Deca-Duro, and Clenbutrol around 45 minutes before a workout
  • Four capsules of HGH-X2 and Testo-Max around 20 minutes before breakfast

It’s best to use the Growth Hormone Stack in an eight-week cycle to avoid taking excessive doses or desensitization to the ingredients.


One month’s supply of the entire Growth Hormone Stack costs $229.99. The buy two, get one free bundle costs $459.98.


CrazyBulk Growth Hormone Stack combines five natural HGH boosters. Each supplement for HGH in this stack comprises various ingredients that enhance metabolism, energy levels, and the production of additional hormones such as testosterone.

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3. HyperGH 14x – Best for Older Adults



  • Deer antler velvet and anterior pituitary powder may boost HGH
  • Astragalus may have anti-aging effects on DNA
  • Includes amino acids for HGH support



HyperGH 14x has a patented formula that boosts the body’s natural production of HGH and testosterone. The four-pill system is synchronized with the body’s natural rhythm, ensuring optimal release of HGH during exercise, sleep, and recovery periods.

Who Is HyperGH 14x Best For?

HyperGH 14x is specifically designed for older adults who want to safely build muscle and improve their athletic performance. This HGH supplement provides the benefits of synthetic HGH injections with fewer risks and side effects.

One ingredient in HyperGH 14x is deer antler velvet. This is taken from antlers that naturally fall off every year. Asian and East European literature describes “tonic” properties of deer antlers, the fastest-growing tissue known to mammals. Research demonstrates a short-term boost in HGH, alongside an increase in endurance and some measures of strength [5].

Astragalus may also have other benefits for older adults that complement the advantages of growth hormone. It may increase the length of telomeres, the protective caps on your chromosomes that allow cells to divide. Longer telomeres support tissue repair, but they normally shorten with each division, and this is one cause of aging [6].

Who Should Avoid HyperGH 14x?

HyperGH 14x contains deer antler velvet and anterior pituitary powder. As these are animal products, this supplement is unsuitable for vegans.


Take two capsules of HyperGH 14x twice daily. Consume the first two pills before your morning workout and the last two capsules before bedtime.


A month’s supply of HyperGH 14x is priced at $69.95. You can also get discounts by ordering a three-month supply for $199.95 or a six-month supply for $349.95.


HyperGH 14x is a top supplement for HGH designed for older folks. It can help optimize their workouts, increase endurance, and achieve their muscle-building goals. It works best when combined with a well-rounded diet and regular exercise routine,

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4. CrazyBulk HGH-X2 – Best for Metabolic Health



  • Incorporates amino acids for HGH production
  • Contains chromium for blood sugar control
  • Free global shipping


  • Tyrosine may be unsuitable for some people


HGH-X2 is a supplement for HGH from CrazyBulk that specializes in boosting your metabolism. It’s one of the formulas included in CrazyBulk’s Growth Hormone Stack.

Who Is CrazyBulk HGH-X2 Best For?

We recommend HGH-X2 if you want a growth hormone-boosting supplement that supports your metabolic health. If you find the entire Growth Hormone Stack to be excessive, you can use HGH-X2 alone.

Chromium picolinate is one of the nutrients included in HGH-X2. It can aid in blood sugar metabolism, as it helps sugar enter your cells. Additionally, chromium can maintain muscles during fat loss and tame cravings by influencing the brain [7].

Bitter orange peel extract is another ingredient in HGH-X2 that may enhance your metabolism. Studies show that it may raise your basal metabolic rate, and it can also be used to fight obesity and improve exercise performance [7].

Who Should Avoid CrazyBulk HGH-X2?

HGH-X2 contains tyrosine, the amino acid used to make dopamine. It may be uif you take ADHD medication, which raises dopamine levels.


Take four capsules of HGH-X2 around 20 minutes before breakfast. Use the supplement in two-month cycles for optimal results.


CrazyBulk’s HGH-X2 costs $64.99 for one month’s supply or $129.99 for a buy two, get one free deal.


CrazyBulk HGH-X2 is a viable option if you’re looking for a supplement for HGH that promotes metabolic health. It can assist in fat loss and blood sugar control while you build muscles.

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5. GenF20 Plus – Best for Clinical Support



  • Clinically studied as a complete formula
  • Includes chromium for blood sugar metabolism
  • Enteric-coated tablets for improved absorption
  • Free shipping within the US


  • Contains tyrosine
  • Not suitable for vegans


GenF20 Plus contains a blend of amino acids and other natural ingredients that support the body’s production of anti-aging hormones, including HGH. Instead of introducing synthetic HGH into the body, GenF20 Plus encourages the natural production of this essential hormone.

Who Is GenF20 Plus Best For?

GenF20 Plus is an excellent choice for adults who wish to naturally boost their HGH levels and combat the signs of aging with the help of a scientifically supported supplement. It’s the only product in our review of the best HGH supplements that has been studied as a complete formula.

A clinical trial of 70 people found that GenF20 Plus can significantly enhance levels of IGF-1, the active downstream product of growth hormone. It only worked for volunteers over 40, who saw a rise in IGF-1 by 22.69 ng/mL while levels slightly fell in the placebo group [8].

This may be because younger adults already have enough growth hormone, while aging causes deficiency.

One of GenF20 Plus’ ingredients is GABA, a relaxing neurotransmitter. A combination of exercise and GABA supplementation appears to raise growth hormone more than either one alone. Although its effect is relatively small, GABA may help increase muscle mass and promote tissue repair [9].

Who Should Avoid GenF20Plus?

GenF20 Plus contains deer antler velvet and anterior pituitary powder, so it may be unsuitable if you are vegan. Additionally, tyrosine may have an interaction with ADHD medication.


Take four tablets of GenF20 Plus every day, preferably two before lunch and another two before dinner.


GenF20 Plus costs $69.95 for a one-month supply. You can save money by purchasing a three-month supply for $199.95 or a six-month supply for $349.95.


GenF20 Plus is the ideal choice if you prefer a supplement for HGH that is solidly backed by clinical research. It can help you improve your overall vitality, enhance physical performance, and slow down the aging process through its natural ingredients.

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6. CrazyBulk Ibuta 677 – Best for Heavy Workouts



  • High dose of zinc for testosterone production
  • Arginine for circulation and growth hormone
  • Includes amino acids that support collagen production
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Exact dosages of each ingredient aren’t as readily available


CrazyBulk Ibuta 677 is one of the best HGH supplements for folks with heavy training schedules, thanks to its higher doses of essential nutrients.

Who is CrazyBulk Ibuta 677 Best For?

We recommend CrazyBulk Ibuta 677 for people who want to maximize their workout results and muscle gains.

Ibuta 677 includes a significant dose of zinc, a trace mineral with hundreds of functions. One in ten human proteins is dependent on zinc. Furthermore, it is essential for muscle regeneration and antioxidant activity.

Your nervous system also needs enough zinc to communicate with muscle tissue. Zinc deficiency is common in athletes, so supplementation can be of great assistance [10].

Additionally, Ibuta 677 contains lysine and glycine, two amino acids used in collagen production [11]. Healthy collagen production is essential for the everyday maintenance of your connective tissue, including the tendons and fascia surrounding your muscles, to prevent microscopic damage from building up.

If you regularly push your limits, you need muscle recovery and connective tissue support that zinc and amino acids can provide.

Who Should Avoid CrazyBulk Ibuta 677?

Ibuta 677 might not be suitable for non-vegetarian women in the long-term, due to its zinc content. The supplement also includes tyrosine, which may raise dopamine too much if you’re taking other substances with the same effect.


Take four capsules of Ibuta 677 with water around 30 to 45 minutes before your workout.


CrazyBulk Ibuta 677 costs $69.99 if you just want to try it for a month. You can get a buy two, take one deal for $139.99. The five-month package offers the best value for money at $209.99 because you get two extra bottles for the price of three.


CrazyBulk Ibuta 677 is a supplement for HGH that is formulated for people with heavy training schedules. Its zinc content and other ingredients can support muscle repair and connective tissue maintenance.

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7. GenFX – Best for Affordability



  • Formula is rich in amino acids
  • Panax ginseng increases cellular energy production
  • Discounts for larger packages


  • Contains soy, a potential allergen


GenFX is one of the most budget-friendly among the best HGH supplements. Nevertheless, it does not skimp on the quality of its ingredients.

Who Is GenFX Best For?

Consider GenFX if you are on a budget but still want to try one of the best HGH supplements. Aside from its cost-effective price, the manufacturer provides generous discounts on bulk orders of these best HGH supplements.

GenFX contains arginine and ornithine. These two amino acids can boost growth hormone after exercise but not at rest. As a result, they may provide the benefits of HGH when you need it without being overstimulating [3].

Glutamine is another amino acid included in GenFX. Research has shown that glutamine can significantly raise growth hormone levels in most people. Additionally, it increases bicarbonate levels, a buffer against too much acidity in the body. Glutamine is also one of the most common amino acids in tissue protein [12].

Who Should Avoid GenFX?

As GenFX contains soy products, it’s not recommended if you are allergic or intolerant to soy.


Take one capsule of GenFX twice daily with water.


GenFX costs $49.95 for just one month, but the biggest savings are found with larger packages ranging from two to 12 boxes. A 12-month supply is priced at $399.40, approximately $1.10 per day.


GenFX does not sacrifice quality for affordability, thanks to its blend of growth hormone-supporting amino acids. This supplement for HGH can also reduce body acidity and support tissue protein maintenance.

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8. Provacyl – Best for Men



  • Contains essential nutrients for testosterone production
  • Includes Panax ginseng for supporting T-levels and energy
  • Cost-effective price with discounted packages


  • Includes soy, which may cause allergies


Provacyl is one of the best HGH supplements for men who want to increase their male drive and testosterone levels even as they grow older.

Who Is Provacyl Best For?

Provacyl is specifically designed for men experiencing a decline in energy levels, drive, and vitality due to the age-related decline of testosterone and HGH production.

It is the ideal supplement if you wish to regain your youthful vigor, improve your libido, and enhance your cognitive function.

Provacyl’s formula consists of a blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and peptides that work together to naturally increase HGH and testosterone levels.

One of these ingredients is Tongkat Ali, an Asian herbal remedy that may improve men’s health. Clinical research shows that it can raise testosterone levels and improve erectile dysfunction in men undergoing a strength training program [13].

Who Should Avoid Provacyl?

Provacyl includes some ingredients derived from soy, so it is unsuitable if you’re allergic or sensitive to soy.


Take two capsules of Provacyl in the morning and another two in the afternoon.


Provacyl costs $59.95 for one month. You can get better deals by purchasing the three-month supply for $154.95, the six-month supply for $268.95, or the 12-month package for $388.95.


Provacyl is a practical choice if you need a supplement for HGH that minimizes the signs of male aging. It boosts testosterone and HGH production to restore your vitality, libido, and well-being.

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What Is HGH?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the pituitary gland. It plays a crucial role in growth, cell regeneration, and overall well-being.

HGH levels tend to decline with age, leading to various signs of aging. These include decreased muscle mass, increased body fat, reduced energy levels, and less skin elasticity.

Simply taking HGH injections may seem like the most straightforward solution at first. Unfortunately, there are risks associated with constant exposure to higher levels of HGH, such as diabetes and a higher risk of cancer [14].

Due to these risks, getting HGH injections may be difficult, and you usually need a serious deficiency to get a prescription.

What Are HGH Supplements?

A supplement for HGH is made from natural ingredients, making them a relatively safer and more accessible alternative to HGH injections.

Instead of containing HGH itself, these dietary supplements can increase your body’s own production of HGH, and only when you really need it. Some ingredients provide significant benefits during heavy exercise and do not have much effect at rest.

Unlike HGH injections, a supplement for HGH does not require a prescription. You can purchase HGH supplements over-the-counter in physical stores or via product websites that sell legal steroids and other dietary supplements.

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How We Ranked the Best HGH Pills on Our List

When selecting HGH supplements, it’s crucial to consider various factors, including ingredient quality, customer reviews, price, and safety. The top-rated HGH supplements mentioned in this article have been carefully evaluated based on these criteria, making them excellent options to consider.


Look for supplements that contain natural ingredients that may boost HGH. These products should have evidence-based support based on human clinical research. The results should show increased HGH and clinical benefits, like more muscle mass or endurance.

Most of the best HGH supplements contain the amino acids arginine, ornithine, glutamine, and lysine. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which includes growth hormone. Many supplements also include vitamins and minerals used in energy production, especially B vitamins.

Dopamine-boosting velvet bean, cellular protective astragalus, and testosterone-enhancing tongkat are among the most popular herbal remedies included in HGH supplements. Some products also contain Panax ginseng, which may increase energy and testosterone levels.


Companies should provide honest information, preferably with scientific references and no over-the-top promises. A solid money-back guarantee is another key factor. It’s also vital to read customer reviews to gain insights into the effectiveness and satisfaction level of each supplement for HGH.


The dosages of every supplement for HGH must be generally safe and convenient, with no excessive amounts of ingredients or complicated intake of capsules. Consider the recommended dosage and usage instructions to ensure the supplement fits your lifestyle and preferences.

Safety and Side Effects

Different HGH supplements have different ingredients, so it’s important to read the labels and see if the formulas are compatible with your needs. For example, velvet bean contains L-dopa, which may interact with ADHD medication on prescription or for cognition enhancement.


Consider all the benefits of each supplement for HGH we reviewed here before you make your decision. For example, you may prefer HGH supplements with dopamine-enhancing velvet bean if you struggle with motivation or those with estrogen-lifting maca if you are going through menopause.

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Compare prices and package deals to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. Unless you’re taking a stack, a supplement for HGH should not cost more than $3 per day. When it came to package deals, we ensured that you truly are paying less per month for larger order volumes.

Mechanism of Action

A high-quality HGH booster should have several potential mechanisms of action. Some ingredients may directly support the production of HGH through amino acids. Others increase levels of neurotransmitters that lift HGH levels.

The best HGH supplements typically have additional benefits, such as testosterone-boosting effects or cellular energy production support.

Money-Back Guarantee

Look for supplements that offer a money-back guarantee, allowing you to try the product risk-free. It shows that the manufacturer has confidence in the product in cases where you can receive a refund if you are not satisfied with the results.

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The Benefits of Taking HGH Supplements

HGH supplements aim to increase HGH naturally to enhance various aspects of health and well-being.

A supplement for HGH usually offers various benefits, such as anti-aging effects, muscle growth, fat loss, increased energy levels, and improved workout performance.

More Lean Muscle Mass

HGH may enhance muscle growth, increase muscle strength, and improve exercise performance. This is the most sought-after benefit of the best HGH supplements and direct hormone replacement.

Better Sleep Quality

A supplement for HGH can help regulate sleep patterns. By boosting HGH levels, you may experience improved sleep quality, leading to better rest and recovery. Some ingredients in these supplements, such as GABA, also promote sleep and relaxation.

Less Body Fat

HGH supplements may aid in fat loss by increasing metabolism and promoting the breakdown of stored fat. As a result, they can improve body composition and help you develop a leaner physique. More muscle mass deters body fat too, as it consumes energy at rest.

Healthier Skin and Nails

One of the most popular benefits of HGH supplements is their anti-aging effects. Higher HGH levels can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, and promote overall youthfulness. The amino acid content of some supplements we’ve reviewed may also directly support collagen production.

Higher Sex Drive

HGH is closely linked to sexual health. By maintaining optimal HGH levels, you can experience improved sexual performance, enhanced libido, and increased satisfaction in the bedroom.

More Physical Stamina and Energy

By boosting energy levels and enhancing endurance, a supplement for HGH can support overall vitality and well-being. You may also enjoy improved mental energy. Some studies suggest that HGH supplementation may enhance cognitive function, memory, and focus.

Better Immune System

A supplement for HGH may strengthen and protect the immune system, leading to improved overall health and disease resistance. Some antioxidant-rich and immune-boosting ingredients include zinc, acai, and astragalus.

Faster Exercise Recovery

Finally, a supplement for HGH can speed up recovery after workouts. HGH plays a crucial role in maintaining bone health, so HGH supplements may help improve bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. They may also promote connective tissue repair in your tendons and fascia to prevent wear and tear from building up.

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Potential Side Effects of HGH Supplements

The side effects of the best HGH supplements should be minimal because they are made from natural ingredients.

In contrast, HGH injections can be risky. Some evidence suggests that they may increase insulin resistance and blood sugar levels, and cause weight gain as body fat [14].

Nevertheless, some HGH supplements may have mild side effects for certain users. For instance, some products that contain soy may cause allergies while others include ingredients that could cause interactions with prescription medications.

We recommend seeking professional advice for your doctor before using a supplement for HGH, particularly if you’re dealing with medical issues or using any medications.

especially if you have any existing medical conditions or are taking other medications.

How Much Do HGH Supplements Cost?

Most of the best HGH supplements cost between $1 and $3 daily. We prioritized value for money when making our selections, as the anti-aging effects customers seek mean that you will take them long-term.

However, CrazyBulk’s Growth Hormone Stack costs just over $7.50 per day if you choose the one-month supply. Still, it’s worth it because it combines five products in one package.

Take advantage of special offers when finding a supplement for HGH, but don’t select a product solely because of a discount or package deal. Instead, narrow your decision down to two or three products with the ingredients and effects you need. The total value for money should be a deciding factor.

Natural Ways To Boost Growth Hormone Levels

Even the best HGH supplements can only do so much on their own. Diet and lifestyle are essential factors in achieving the best results possible.

Lose Weight

There are strong links between obesity or excess body fat and low growth hormone levels. For example, higher amounts of free fatty acids in the blood among obese people can lower HGH. People with insulin resistance, a common consequence of obesity, show reduced HGH production too [15].


In a nutshell, lifestyle measures that enhance growth hormone production involve placing your body under a manageable but significant enough stress to stimulate its protective responses.

Intermittent fasting is one type of controllable stress. Fasting creates short-term bursts of HGH, leading to an overall concentration that is three times higher compared to a well-fed state. Better yet, fasting increases the expression of a gene needed for insulin-like growth factor-1, which works as the assistant of growth hormone [16].

Limit Eating Before Bedtime

The most convenient way to use fasting alongside a supplement for HGH is to practice intermittent fasting patterns centered around bedtime. Whether your fasting window is 14 or 16 hours, at least half of it will be taken up by sleep. For example, you can stop eating for the day at 6 p.m. and eat breakfast at 8 a.m. without expecting too much difficulty.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

High blood sugar and insulin levels reduce the production of growth hormone. On the other hand, low blood sugar stimulates growth hormones, so it’s best to choose snacks that take a few minutes longer to restore your glucose levels [15].

Reducing your sugar intake can also assist in weight loss, leading to long-term benefits for your levels of HGH. Additionally, short-term spikes in sugar can increase somatostatin, the hormone that impairs HGH release.

Do High-Intensity Workouts

Vigorous exercise is another manageable stressor that can stimulate HGH production to repair and build muscle tissue once you’re finished. Research on some ingredients included in the best HGH supplements shows stronger results when they are combined with heavy workouts, which is partly why it’s often recommended to take them just before exercise.

Exercise alone is effective too, leading to a rapid rise in HGH. It drives up the expression of a gene that increases IGF-1 activity within a few hours. This effect is stronger and more consistent than fasting, but many people use both methods [16].

Prioritize Sleep

GABA, one of the most important brain chemicals for relaxation and sleep, also increases growth hormone. However, the stress associated with insomnia and fatigue may impair your production of GABA.

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Frequently Asked Questions About HGH Supplements

In a rush? Here are the most important things you need to know about finding the best HGH supplements and how the hormone works.

What Is the Best Way To Use Human Growth Hormone Supplements?

Once you have found the best HGH supplements to meet your needs, take them as directed with the lifestyle changes we described above. High-intensity workouts and time-restricted eating also help your body produce more of its own growth hormone.

Is HGH Safe for Women?

Yes, both men and women can safely take a supplement for HGH that support its production. Products that boost HGH for women often contain maca, a root with estrogen-boosting properties. Those that increase HGH for men are high in ingredients like zinc and D-aspartic acid.

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Can You Take HGH With Other Supplements and Medications?

Growth hormone is naturally produced by the body, so a supplement for HGH should be generally safe to use with most medications and supplements. However, certain ingredients may negatively interact with certain medications, such as tyrosine and ADHD medications.

What Happens When You Stop Taking HGH Supplements?

If you take human growth hormone supplements, you are likely to lose the benefits once you stop taking them, especially if you are older. For example, you may experience reduced muscle growth support. Still, your body may gradually recover once it “remembers” to produce its own growth hormone again.

What Is HGH Therapy?

HGH therapy typically refers to the use of growth hormone injections. This treatment can help your body build tissue with the aid of HGH. However, it can have major side effects. Moreover, it can be hard to get, unless you have a medical reason other than aging.

Can You Get HGH From Your Doctor?

While it is possible to get a prescription for HGH injections from your doctor, these treatments are almost always limited to people with certain rare conditions, such as an underfunctioning pituitary gland. In contrast, the best HGH supplements do not require a prescription, making them accessible to everyone.

How Does HGH Work?

HGH works by controlling cell division, protein production, stress resilience, and cell survival. As HGH levels decline with age, a supplement for HGH may address many age-related health issues such as muscle loss.

Final Thoughts on the Best HGH Supplements

Choosing between the best HGH supplements can be difficult unless you know your specific needs and the ingredients that may benefit you the most.

Perhaps you need support with healthy blood sugar metabolism, so HGH-X2’s chromium and bitter orange extract would be the most helpful. You may struggle with motivation alongside muscle development and maintenance, making HBULK’s velvet bean the best option. If you are older, taking the telomere-supporting astragalus in HyperGH 14x could be advisable.

Picking a clear winner wasn’t easy because all the supplements on our list have scientific support to back up their ingredients and benefits. Still, we picked Brutal Force HBULK as our favorite among the best HGH supplements, thanks to its all-around hormone support and HGH-boosting velvet bean.

We hope our review has helped you figure out which supplement for HGH is ideal for you.

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