5 Supplements You Should Be Taking + 5 That Are Just A Waste

You’ve likely seen celebrities endorsing “detox” and “flat tummy teas” on social media as solutions to weight loss and beating bloat. Unfortunately, many women (and even more tragically, teenage girls) have bought these products hoping they can drop a few pounds, only to discover the “weight” that was being dropped came from—well, poop.

Most detox teas feature an herb called senna leaf that’s marketed to have weight management and detoxification benefits. In reality, the botanical actually promotes quick elimination. (In other words, it’s making you poop a lot—and quickly.)

Senna leaf stimulates the bowels, so if you’re struggling to get things going and need a short-term, one-time solution, it may be an herb that’s worth utilizing. But continued use of detox teas can confuse your bowels and lead to larger digestive issues over time.

If your goal is to actually support your body’s innate detoxification pathways (or your metabolic health, for that matter), avoid detox teas at all costs. 

What we recommend instead:

A targeted detoxification supplement packed with antioxidant ingredients that are shown to promote the body’s natural detox pathways (think: “master antioxidant” glutathione, vitamin C, and milk thistle).

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