100 Different Diet Plans: Which Work, Pros & Cons

100 different diet plans

We all wish there was a bulletproof answer on how to lose weight. Every day, another celebrity is enthusing about the increase in energy and glowing skin they got simply by switching to X or Y diet. There’s no magic bullet, this we know. But there are types of diets out there that can help you lose weight, in combination with other healthy lifestyle choices. There are also fad diets that will do nothing for you—and possibly even endanger your health.

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Popular ‘heart-healthy’ dietary supplements don’t lower cholesterol, new Cleveland Clinic study suggests

Tue Dec 20 , 2022
CLEVELAND, Ohio — If you’re taking fish oil or garlic pills to lower cholesterol, a new Cleveland Clinic study suggests it’s a waste of money. Six commonly used dietary supplements marketed for improving heart health did not lower “bad cholesterol” when compared to a low-dose cholesterol-lowering medication or placebo, in […]

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